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Beat The Tech Talent Shortage. Be More Inclusive

Inclusivity is key to your ability to compete for talent.  

See the Australian-first research that will help you get the hiring advantage.  


Inside you'll find:  

  • The latest stats on diversity & inclusion in Australia’s tech workforce  
  • Insights into the role of inclusion in retention and productivity  
  • Pathways to clearing diversity hurdles and building effective tech teams 
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Get The Insights You Need To: 

Understand Why Quotas Aren't Working

See the opportunities you miss out on when you only pay lip-service to diversity. 

Hire Competitvely  

With a looming shortfall of 200,000+ professionals, see how you can attract diverse talent pools and hire well during a talent drought.

Identify and Overcome Exclusion

Learn what exclusive behaviours, language and policies look like and how to take the first steps to address them at any level.  

Engage Diverse Talent Long Term

Understand what the talent you attract need to be happy, productive, and resitant to the advances of your competitors. 

 Start Hiring, Engaging & Retaining Better Today!

Read the research now to start improving inclusion at any level of your business.