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Tech Wages Lept 10% Last Year  

But Cash Is Still Failing To Attract Quality People

We surveyed thousands of tech industry professionals and found that salary is no longer their key driver. 

It's time to compete for the right people by offering what they really want.

Download the report for the insights you need to win the war for tech talent.  

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The Report Will Uncover: 

the checklist of what tech employees need

The true motivators behind tech career moves and what attracts people new to roles.

tech employees seek recognition

Why cash is losing its allure, and the work perks that tech teams really care about.

employee mindset

How to overcome the talent shortage and attract the right skills and mindsets.


How to avoid the "Unicorn Hunt" and source people from untapped talent pools

whitepaper preview winning the war for tech talent

Stop driving up the cost of quality tech teams

 74,000 tech roles were left unfilled this year. It's a constant struggle to attract and keep the right people.  

Understand what tech people look for in a new role, and you can opt out of the bidding war for good. 

Read the report and see how to offer the right things to the right people, before someone else does.